Guy I'm inspired by near-future Sci-Fi such as Ready Player One and San Junipero. My dream would be to ski down Everest, aged 90, in a virtual world indistinguishable from reality.

Earth 2 Adverts of the Future

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Skyscraper Tall Interactive Holograms and In-Game Product Placement are Just a Few of the Potential Options

*Some of this article could be considered X-Rated and NSFW. Please bear this in mind*

  1. Zigurat MegaCity Stadium 2050
  2. VR Advertising Will Be Like Online Advertising On Steroids!
  3. The Right Kind of Advert for the Right Location
  4. Page & Video Load Ads of the Future
  5. Bringing Back Retro Ads
  6. Holograms, AI, Product Placement & Fully Interactive Advertising 
  7. Use Advertising to Enhance the Experience 

Zigurat MegaCity Stadium 2050:

The crowd goes wild as the Valhalla and Zigurat teams take to the field, and you can tell your friends on either side are pumped. But despite Quidditch being your favorite VR eSport to watch you’re miles away in your head.   

Why did she leave you after four incredible years together? Did that time mean nothing?

Being surrounded by so many people is painful in your current state, especially with all the adverts around the stadium screaming ‘YOU’RE SINGLE’ with their invitations to VR dating events. So you decide to bounce before the match has even gotten underway. 

You go down to the shoreline, and with the waves crashing beside you, you take a walk to clear your head. As you walk, futuristic skyscrapers rise up, some with adverts lit up along their sides, with one, in particular, catching your eye. 

The most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen beams down from an immense structure, and she looks like a mixture of every celebrity you’ve ever had a crush on and every girl you’ve ever loved. How is that possible? 

But before you can think about it, she breaks free in full 3D holographic form and walks towards you. 

‘Are you lonely, baby?’ she whispers when she’s standing right in front of you. 

‘I guess,’ you mumble back.

‘Don’t worry; I can make all the pain go away. Just one kiss and the transaction is complete; then I’m all yours’, she purrs.

Desperation, sadness with a tinge of horniness makes you strongly consider for a second. But no, you’re not even ready for this. Instead, you log out of Earth 2 and arrive back into reality and your empty apartment. 

VR Advertising Will Be Like Online Advertising On Steroids!

It only takes a few Google searches for muffin recipes to realize exactly how big a business advertising already is in the primarily 2D internet. But with 3D online Metaverses like Earth 2, advertising can get a whole lot more immersive and interactive. 

The kind of adverts you see in near-future sci-fi such as Bladerunner’s JOI (see the featured image), I believe, are more likely to become a reality in Earth 2 than in the real world any time soon. Some basic forms of advertising are already possible in VR worlds like Decentraland; however, E2 is far more ambitious in its vision, so advertising options should be a lot more advanced. 

Consequently, I’ve created this article to give you an idea of what might be possible, but as with a lot of my articles, it’s largely speculative, as we don’t know for certain what Shane has planned for Earth 2 advertising. So with that said, before we start, here comes the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice, and I am not a financial advisor, this is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. I am not directly affiliated with Earth 2 nor is Earth 2 Update. Earth 2 is still classed as a ‘game’ not an ‘investment’. That said, never ‘invest’ more than you can afford. Always do your own research. And don’t borrow money from Grandma to feed your E2 addiction, it’s not cool….

This Article is Part of the How to Make Money on Earth 2 Series

The Right Kind of Advert for the Right Location

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for new muffin recipes, I find it incredibly jarring when an advert pops up offering some kind of enlargement… 

Always getting in the way of my baking time

So, getting the right Ads in the right place is essential, both for creators and the companies you advertise. While the right kind of holographic adverts may enhance the aesthetic of Utopian and Dystopian futuristic cities, they will be entirely out of place somewhere with a historical setting like Valhalla or a natural environment like a peaceful alpine village.

However, this doesn’t mean that non-futuristic places on Earth 2 will necessarily be at a disadvantage; they will just have to be a bit creative and use VR versions of Ads we already see in the real world. 

Page & Video Load Ads of the Future

I know it’s frustrating when you want that muffin recipe or the latest EARTH2 METΛ content, and a Load Ad appears that you can’t click out of for a few seconds. But these Ads are essential for content creators to do the work they do, cos we all gotta get paid, right? 

I can foresee in the future there being Teleportation Load Ads on Earth 2 that temporarily redirect you from your intended destination into an immersive and interactive VR promotion. This kind of Ad would mean historical and natural places on Earth 2 would be able to provide a clean, congruent experience for the end-user when they finally arrive while still getting Ad Revenue. 

Bringing Back Retro Ads

While my love for cities like Zigurat and Valhalla may be evident, I am also excited about some of the 20th Century Style Retro cities popping up. And with Retro places, will come Retro-Cool Ads like the old-skool Coca-Cola marketing that gets put on T-Shirts and posters. 

Landowners could ‘paint’ adverts on the side of buildings in the older cities or put up bright neon signage for that 80s vibe. 

While not quite obsolete in the real world, radio advertising could come back in a big way in VR. Imagine driving along in your classic VR convertible, the sun shining, listening to nostalgic tunes, and an advert for refreshing Coors Light comes on the radio: that will make you want a beer, guaranteed! 

Product Placement, Holograms, AI & Fully Interactive Advertising 

The Earth 2 Utopian and Dystopian Megacities of the future are places that will hopefully fulfill all our near-future sci-fi dreams, whether they are naughty or nice.

Holographic advertising, that pulls away from the building it’s attached to when you look its way and powered by AI that can interact with you in ways almost indistinguishable from human interaction. I know AI probably isn’t quite ‘there’ yet, but in a few years, when Earth 2 is ready, I suspect it’ll be getting close. 

Product placement has been in Film since 1896 and in games since the 80s, so there will definitely be product placement deals available for the most popular E2 locations. Whether you make a branded product an integral part of an Egg Hunt or leave branded items around your location, there will be companies willing to pay.

Use Advertising to Enhance the Experience 

While Advertising has the potential to make landowners and brands very wealthy, we should try to avoid Black Mirroresque experiences, like the intro to this article. Websites already track our every move, and Facebook’s look-a-like audience can pinpoint your interests and desires before you can. So it’s not hard to see this could go too far with a fully immersive experience with an artificially intelligent advert. 

Done the right way Advertising should enhance the VR experience, not detract from it.

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Guy I'm inspired by near-future Sci-Fi such as Ready Player One and San Junipero. My dream would be to ski down Everest, aged 90, in a virtual world indistinguishable from reality.

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