Guy I'm inspired by near-future Sci-Fi such as Ready Player One and San Junipero. My dream would be to ski down Everest, aged 90, in a virtual world indistinguishable from reality.


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Are $25K to $50K Earth 2 Purchases Like the Vatican & Kremlin a Good Investment?

Can you get ROI from $90 tiles?
0 3 min read

Is Phase 2 Imminent?

The Earth 2 Test Site Suggests It Is
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Earth 2 Scam Coin

Unofficial and unusable, avoid E2C like the plague!
0 1 min read

Earth 2 Blockchain, Underwater Buildings & Team Expansion

Nathaniel pops in Discord for a chat
0 1 min read

What Are Resources On Earth 2 And How Will They Work?

Could Virtual Gold be the basis for an Earth 2 Cryptocurrency?
0 4 min read

$50K Vatican Purchase -Earth 2’s Largest Ever!

The Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica and Obelisk have been bought overnight for an eye-watering amount.
0 40 sec read

E2 Update – Create Unique Banners & Yellow Net Worth

You can now create your unique flags and display them over your Earth 2 profile
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Joker News – Joker Megacity & Has He Been Unmasked?

TheRealJoker creates the new 'Earth 2 Capital' & The Absolute Savage believes he has unmasked him.
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Could Earth 2 Be A Bitcoin and Ethereum Killer?

How Virtual Reality will reshape the crypto-industry and the world economy  While the Earth 2 community waits on the next big announcement, speculating, hoping,...
0 2 min read

Virtual Mortgages For Virtual Property

Could DeFi be the catalyst for an Earth 2 property boom?
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