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Elon Musk, ‘Green’ Crypto, Go Chain and E2

Bitcoin Plummets While More Environmentally Friendly Cryptocurrencies Perform After Tesla Ditches Bitcoin
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Earth 2, Elon Musk and the Future

A use case argument for the importance of Earth 2 and the future that lies ahead.
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Who Owns Earth 2?

Spoiler: Shane isn’t the sole owner… Credit to Earth2 Odyssey and the Krakens Guild for the info that follows After some investigative digging, the...
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E2 credit card?!

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GO-ing Down?

GoChain bubble pops... what does it mean for Earth 2?
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Earth 2 Spending Spree!

What has Shane bought and why? As rumors continue to swirl, I thought it was time I got involved in a bit of speculation...
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GoChain surges 50% overnight

Earth2 partnership announcement incoming?
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Would You Buy Bitcoin At $15?

Earth 2's Market Capitalisation suggest it's at Bitcoin levels circa 2013
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